Making more from less is today? trend in crafting, and renowned craft instructor Miriam Joy reveals the amazing design boost you can give your projects by using crayons as an economical source of wax. Try the 15 basic wax designs taught here, from circles to waves to flowers, and then combine them with your own creativity to turn your crafts?r everyday objects from the thrift shop or dollar store?nto colorful and eye-catching works of art. The book covers the basic materials needed, the techniques, and the many types of surfaces to which wax can be applied, from wood to glass to felt. Then 11 "starter" projects help you discover the unlimited things you can transform with wax decorating, from a simple tile magnet to more advanced projects like a masquerade party mask, wall art, and a transformed old guitar. Bonus video links help you learn even more.
Miriam Joy is a professional artist, author, teacher,designer and inventor, published photographer, filmmaker, andmotivational speaker. Having been raised on the Navajo reservation inArizona, Miriam Joy was surrounded by highly skilled American Indianartists. The people of the Navajo nation greatly inspired her artwork.While not being Navajo herself, she was given the gift of learning theirartistic ways because her father taught at the reservation boardingschool. When not touring and teaching, she isat home in the Arizona mountains.

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