Quilts of Valor has over 11,000 members nationwide, who have awarded over 300,000 Quilts of Valor to military members. Quilting experts Ann Parsons Holte, Tony L. Jacobson, Mary W. Kerr, and Sue Reich are dedicated to the QOVF mission to "cover military touched by war" with a quilt.

Ann Parsons Holte has been quilting, teaching, and writing patterns since 1975. She attends her local quilt guild and antique quilt study group regularly. She comes from a family of Oklahoma quilters.

Mary W. Kerr is an American Quilt Society–certified appraiser, curator, and award-winning quilter. Her many acclaimed books on quilts include Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist and Southern Quilts. She lives in Woodbridge, Virginia. www.marywkerr.com

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