Walter Morris, Jr. is fluent in Tzotzil and has spent extensive time in Maya villages, studying the culture and traditional crafts and forging lasting friendships with the locals. He is the founder of Sna Jolobil, a weaving collective based in San Cristóbal, and is an associate of Na Bolom, a research center and museum. He received a MacArthur Fellowship Award in 1983 for his work in Maya textile symbology and is the author of Living Maya.

Alfredo Martínez is a documentary photographer specializing in extreme sports, tourism, and travel. He has visited 80 countries and his work has appeared in such publications as Escala de Aeromexico, National Geographic, and National Geographic Traveler.

Janet Schwartz was the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship to travel to Chiapas and study the Bonampak murals. She has been a photographer and journalist since 1994 and has been extensively published by such news organization as AP, AFP, the New York Times, and Knight-Ridder. Carol Karasik is the author and editor of numerous books, including Every Woman Is a World, Living Maya, People of the Bat, and The Turquoise Trail.

Carol Karasik is a writer and editor who has been studying ancient astronomical alignments at Palenque. She is the author of The Drum Wars: A Modern Maya Story and The Turquoise Trail

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