Whether chosen for comfort, to appear more mature, or for aesthetic reasons, a beard is a means for a man to affirm his style. In the working world, where a closely shaved face has long been the norm, its return comes with a condition: that it is neat and well maintained. In this practical guide you will find all the tips for choosing a beard that matches your look and personality: trimming your beard using a detailed step-by-step technique; taking care of your beard and skin with appropriate tools and creams; choosing, trimming, and maintaining your mustache; discovering the ancient shaving ritual practiced by barbers; and learning tips to avoid the little hassles of everyday life.
Jean Artignan is the creator of the?BarbeChic?blog (www.barbechic.fr), which includes tips and articles of how to take care of your beard, material comparisons, inspirational photos, a list of barbers in France, and a specialist products shop.

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