Mirko Di Giovanni, class of ’75—born and raised in Rome. Enlisted as a warrant officer in an Italian law enforcement agency and holding a law degree, he has collected American vintage clothing since the late ’80s that he loves to share on two successful Instagram feeds.

Along with the other two authors, this is his second authorial project after Rugged Style War—Rome.

Andrea Ventura, born in Rome in 1976. He started as a creative director in various communication agencies, and his passion for vintage clothing brings him to collaborate—as a graphic designer and style consultant—with high-end fashion brands.

David Petrini was born in Rome in 1974. Influenced by his father (Associated Press photographer), he started to shoot with film in the early ’90s. He began working for the architecture department of Sapienza University, collaborating on some editorial projects. A member of AIRF (Associazione Italiana Reporter Fotografici), he shaped his style with mixed elements ranging from classic documentary photography to portraiture.

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