Originally knit as underwear, the sweater is a practical garment with homely beginnings and has evolved as a fashion statement. This book traces the sweater's 300-year history as an aesthetic and craft object, telling the story of its materials and construction, national traditions, fads and fashion, and accessories. Learn about the panoply of yarns, Nordic patterns, buttons, vintage collars, runway designs, manufacturing, and today's explorations of form, structure, and material. No matter how far we have come technologically, there is something fundamental in the art of hand craft. This book expertly guides readers full circle through the inception of the hand knit to the advancement of technology and back to knitting with natural fibers.
Jane Merrill? recent books are I Love Those Earrings, She? Got Legs, and Aaron Burr in Exile. Gail DeMeyere is executive director, Charlevoix Circle of Arts, Michigan. Keren Ben-Horin is a fashion scholar, curator, and designer in New York City.

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