A professional artist and animator shows kids how to unleash their imagination on the page. Learn how to use a variety of artistic styles to draw all kinds of funny animals, from fuzzy bunnies and bears to fantasy creatures. With dozens of process drawings as examples, this children? book illustrator demonstrates techniques to conceptualize, sketch, and draw humorous animals with pen and pencil. This tutorial goes beyond the basic step-by-step method, showing children not just how to draw, but how to build their creative confidence.
Timothy Young has been drawing funny animals and all kinds of weird creatures for most of his life. He drew them at home lying on the living room rug while watching television and at school on his homework and test papers. He wondered who made the cartoons and books he liked and who got to make the toys he played with. Little did he know then that he would one day get to do those things.
As he got older he got better and better at drawing. He went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y. where he studied illustration and sculpting. Soon after college he got his first job designing and sculpting animation models for the television show?Pee-Wee? Playhouse. Other highlights of his career were working for the Muppets and being the design director for 2 different toy companies. After this really long, fun career designing creatures and characters for animation, toys??illustrations he now also writes and illustrates picture books.
If you would like to learn more about Tim and see videos of him drawing some of the creatures and characters in this book, visit his website at www.CreaturesAndCharacters.com

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