How many states claim quartz as their official state gem? This guidebook answers this question and more as it explores the treasures that are designated official state gems and minerals. More than 150 photographs showcase these marvels, from the Star Blue quartz of Alabama to the jade nephrite of Wyoming. Each state entry is presented with details about the state gem and mineral, with pictures of each, and a map of the state showing where the gem or mineral can be found. Some states do not yet have designated gems or minerals, and suggestions and guidance are provided so that the reader can lead the way in getting one designated. Museums and parks with minerals are listed in the appendix so readers can go see specimens in person. Encyclopedic yet easy to read, this book is great for mineral and gem enthusiasts and future geologists of all ages.
Yinan Wang graduated from Princeton University with a degree in geosciences. He found his first fossil as a kid in upstate New York, sparking a fascination with natural history. He is a coauthor of numerous paleontological research papers and is the author of an award-winning book,?The 50 State Fossils.

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