The true story of the invention, disasters, and adventures of the first bathysphere? small, cramped, bare-bones spherical deep-sea submersible that set the world record for deepest dive in 1934. Explorer William Beebe and engineering grad student Otis Barton teamed up despite mismatched personalities and disagreements and changed deep-sea exploration forever. Told through engaging rhyme, this playfully illustrated addition to the Unhinged History series follows their journey from frustrated inventors to international celebrities. The tiny bathysphere was miserable to be in, with terrible lighting, little room to move, stale air, and minuscule portholes?ut still the scientist-adventurers went far under the waves to experience the mysterious waters as no one ever had. After near calamities and false starts, Beebe and Barton saw, for the very first time, deep-sea creatures in their home environment, broke world records, and made history.
As an illustrator, Ted Enik has worked for most of the better-known publishing houses in New York, as well as for the occasional advertising agency, greeting-card house, and pharmaceutical company. He was honored to be tapped to illustrate?Eloise in Hollywood?and for nearly a decade was an artist for the popular?Fancy Nancy?"I Can Read"?series. He recently switched hats and is now happily writing (and rhyming) up a storm. Illustrator/designer G. F. Newland has held a long and ponderous chain of odd jobs over the years, and to pass the time he doodled. Many of these doodles made their way into books published by Scholastic and Hachette, and into galleries and museums around the known world (e.g., Brooklyn). His favorite odd jobs to date are being a dad, working at the School of Visual Arts (where he received a master? in computer art/animation), playing guitar in a power pop band called the Thigh Highs, and playing his ?3 Farfisa stage organ in the comedy cabaret duo Milf & Dilf.

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