Let 8-year-old Eli White take you on a tour like no other of Cape Cod and the Islands. Fiendish illustrations and foreboding tales bring to life some of the inhabitants that have found their secret hiding places in the best-known attractions from Sandwich to Siasconset for centuries. Are they real or a product of a wild imagination? Inspired by the 1910 book Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, these wicked creatures and their guided activities are designed to introduce a new generation to the mystery and magic of old Cape Cod. Visual puzzles, word searches, and create-your-own drawings and stories will be sure to answer some of the age-old questions about the local lore and legends. Grab your favorite pencil, crayon, or marker and let? get started!
Eli found a tattered, old book buried deep in the basement of Grandma and Grandpa? house?t was called?Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, published in 1910, by William Thomas Cox. Eli? mom remembers being terrified by this book as a kid, and she banned Eli from reading it. So, of course, since Eli always listens to his mom,?Fearsome Creatures?quickly found its way into Eli? hand. Apparently his mom is a scaredy-cat, because Eli thought the book was hysterical, and began to draw his own versions of monsters that live in some of his favorite spots on Cape Cod. Eli is a third-generation artist. His grandma, Kathryn Kleekamp, is a Cape Cod artist and author. His mom, Elizabeth Kleekamp White, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in design and taught art for many years.

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