Adventure, history, and the drama of family life intertwine in this engrossing tale of a fifth-grade girl struggling to find her place after her mom remarries and she finds herself stuck with a younger stepbrother. Find out what happens when Ava and her newly blended family take a trip to Boston, where she buys a magic bobblehead and is unexpectedly transported to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As Ava and her stepbrother, J. P., travel back and forth with John and Abigail Adams and their children, from Massachusetts, to Philadelphia, to the White House, to France, she learns about history, friendship, and how to deal with new situations, including her recently blended family. This sequel to The President and Me: George Washington and the Magic Hat features some of the same characters.
Deborah Kalb is a freelance writer and editor who spent more than twenty years working as a journalist. Long interested in history, she is the author of?The President and Me: George Washington and the Magic Hat, and the coauthor, with her father, Marvin Kalb, of?Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency from Ford to Obama. Deborah lives with her family in the Washington, DC, area. Robert Lunsford has been a graphic artist/illustrator for nearly forty years. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University? School of the Arts, Rob spent his career as a graphic artist at Roanoke, Virginia? daily newspaper. Recognized by the Virginia Press Association, Society of News Design and American Advertising Federation, Rob is known for his ability to tell stories through pictures and information graphics. He is married to a fellow artist and teacher and has two grown children.

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