Low & slow ?that is the secret behind a taste sensation that becomes a passion. Smoking is a very special kind of barbecue using low temperatures. What flavor the food takes depends significantly on the recipes and the fuel used. This book, with 138 color photos and enticing recipes, introduces the basic techniques of smoking, which are many, along with expert tips on the appliances, fuel, and accessories to use. In the detailed recipe section with over 100 recipes, you will find everything for a perfect barbecue experience ?from the special seasoning produced from sauces, rubs, and marinades to the best recipes for fruity, spicy ribs, incredibly tender brisket, or juicy, mouth watering salmon and trout.
Karsten "Ted" Aschenbrandt conducts many seminars on BBQ grilling and is a freelance expert and product tester for barbecue and smoker manufacturers. Rudolf Jaeger is grill manager for the German Sports Association and a member of championship teams.

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