Vic Berg? father, the late Vernon Berg Junior, most likely contracted non-Hodgkin? lymphoma as a result of being "Agent Oranged" during his tour in Viet Nam as a Navy chaplain. This diagnosis was confirmed during Vic? junior year at Lake Forest College.Upon graduation with biology and philosophy majors, the emphasis for the near future was on being with Vern. As such, Vic caught on with the veritable circus which Vern had created in 1977: the Outer Banks Waterfowl Guide Service.Vic inherited the guide service in 1985 and, along with his wife Ellen, has run the business to the present date. Hunting/fishing/guiding/outfitting has provided sustenance all the while.How does a guy make a living when his greatest attribute is the steadfast ability to do absolutely nothing with skill and purpose? He spins a good tale.

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