Buckwheat, cornmeal, and rosehip flour are some of the many alternatives to wheat, rye, and barley, our traditional grains. These ingredients open the way to endless possibilities both for the gluten-intolerant who are tired of sorry and crumbly commercial breads and for curious home bakers who want to try something new. These raw ingredients are naturally gluten-free and supply you with important nutrients. They are also sold in most grocery stores. The bread is baked with cold liquid for the dough, small amounts of yeast, and long rising times to add extra flavor. The book contains recipes for all kinds of bread, from tortillas to fiber rolls, as well as marmalades and other side dishes that go well with bread. With this book, you'll find it's nice and easy to bake without gluten. Note: all recipes are by weight and not by volume.
Jessica Frej is a freelance food writer, cookbook author, and chef on Swedish television. She earned 5th place in the Swedish master chef in 2011. Maria Blohm is a cookbook author, teaches baking classes, and writes about technology at Lilla Gumman. They have in recent years worked together with both food TV, courses, and cookbooks.

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