Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States, not only ranks as one of the nation's greatest presidents, but also one of the most studied figures in history. However, despite all that has been written about Lincoln, he remains one of the most enigmatic individuals in American history. Explore a little known but important aspect of this most famous figure ?a facet which has thus far received little serious attention. From his early youth to the very day of his death, Abraham Lincoln was visited by premonitions and visions of the future. He had an innate faith in prophetic dreams, omens, and other paranormal phenomena. Read about the "Lincoln Curse," something that plagued the family even before his untimely death. Learn about Lincoln's interest in mediums and Spiritualism. Delve into the assassination omens prevalent in the time preceding his death as well as documented cases of precognition. View highlighted features of Abraham Lincoln and his presidency not otherwise seen in standard portraits of our sixteenth president.
Christopher Kiernan Coleman has worked with Nashville's municipal museums and managed a historic house. Mr. Coleman has four books on Southern history and folklore in print. He is a member of the Tennessee Historical Society and other cultural organizations.

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