For much of the Civil War, Virginia civilians struggled to keep their homes intact as they faced the threat of Union soldiers on their doorsteps. In this revised and expanded second-edition compilation of stories passed down by word-of-mouth from the generation that experienced that divisive war, Larry Chowning shows his talent for capturing the flavor of an era and the essence of its people. The stories of everyday life in a war zone show not just the fear but the courage, defiance, and ingenuity displayed by the people in Virginia's Tidewater region. While these chronicles are Southern, the same sort of narrative could have come from people in Pennsylvania, where Southern troops roamed.
Larry S. Chowning has spent all but four of his sixty-six years in a small town in the Tidewater region of Virginia. He and his wife, Dee, live in a house built by his great-grandfather in 1875. His Virginia roots run deep and his appreciation for history is strong. Chowning's career as a newspaper reporter for Urbanna's Southside Sentinel complements his interest in documenting the lore of the Chesapeake Bay region. His other books on the bay, Harvesting the Bay, Chesapeake Legacy, Chesapeake Bay Buyboats, and Deadrise and Cross-planked, focused on the fisheries, boats, and people of the region. His keen ear and ability to convince people to trust him with their family's reminiscences have now led him to a unique facet of Civil War history?ral history passed down by the generation that lived through the war and experienced what went on at home.

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