This is the first book to cover every aspect of the Savage 99 family of centerfire rifles from the prototypes to the last rifle produced, including Savage's only production military rifle, the Montreal Home Guard musket from WWI. It is also the first book on the Model 99 to be photo driven, with more than 250 color images. The book covers the variations in each model and addresses comparisons between similar models; dispels a number of myths, misconceptions, and catalog errors and omissions; and contains complete production figures by serial number and year. Special features and factory engraved rifles are also included, covering every style of engraving by Enoc Tue in the early twentieth century, the 99K, the PE and DE, and commemoratives.
David Royal is a native of Ocala, Florida, where he hunted with his Savage 99EG during his teenage years. After moving to California he started restoring vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This led to the motorcycles being featured in magazines, books, and calendars. Hollywood also rented the bikes for films. Already an avid photographer, he learned a great deal about photography and lighting by observing and working with motorcycle photographers and movie cameramen. He was hired on a freelance basis to write articles and do some photography for several motorcycle magazines. He moved to Wyoming in 2005, the year he got seriously into collecting Savage Model 99s. His enthusiasm for the rifle led him to write this book.

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