American PT Boats in World War II

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American PT Boats in World War II is an illustrated study of the development, construction, tactics, and combat actions, of U.S. PT Boats. [AuthorName]Victor Chun[/AuthorName][AuthorBio][/AuthorBio][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]over 180 b/w photographs, 39 line drawings[/NumIllustration][SubTitle][/SubTitle][ColorPattern]over 180 b/w photographs, 39 line drawings[/ColorPattern]

USS Saratoga (CV-3)

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Originally laid down as one of six giant battle cruisers, the Saratoga survived the 1922 Washington Disarmament Treaty's cutting torch through her conversion to a new and seemingly benign type of vessel-the aircraft carrier. She reported for fduty off Long...

United States Naval Vessels

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This book comprises four manuals compiled from official sources during World War II Manuals such as those in this book, were distributed widely through the fleet and used constantly as a standard reference. The Office of Naval Intelligence published a...

The Battleship Bismarck

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The short history of this great battleship is presented in this volume. Many never before published photographs chart its most infamous history.[AuthorName]Ulrich Elfrath[/AuthorName][AuthorBio][/AuthorBio][CoAuthor] and Bodo Herzog[/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]over 200 b/w photos, drawings[/NumIllustration][SubTitle][/SubTitle][ColorPattern]over 200 b/w photos, drawings[/ColorPattern]

The German Navy at War

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Covers all of the main German battleships of WWII, including Bismarck, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and other big ships in over 300 photos. [AuthorName]Siegfried Breyer[/AuthorName][AuthorBio][/AuthorBio][CoAuthor] and Gerhard Koop[/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]0[/NumIllustration][SubTitle]Vol. I ?he Battleships[/SubTitle][ColorPattern][/ColorPattern]

Aircraft Carrier

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This book presents an account of the use and actions of the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, one of the primary pieces of the German navy in WWII.[AuthorName]Siegfried Breyer[/AuthorName][AuthorBio][/AuthorBio][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]over 100 photos, drawings[/NumIllustration][SubTitle]Graf Zeppelin[/SubTitle][ColorPattern]over 100 photos, drawings[/ColorPattern]

Pocket Battleship: The Admiral Graf Spree

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This is a 48 page volume that includes line drawings, photographs, and charts.[AuthorName]Siegfried Breyer[/AuthorName][AuthorBio][/AuthorBio][CoAuthor][/CoAuthor][NumIllustration]over 100 b/w photos, drawings[/NumIllustration][SubTitle][/SubTitle][ColorPattern]over 100 b/w photos, drawings[/ColorPattern]

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