Life as a motor- or sailboat sailor could be so relaxing if everything just went as it should, but water sports enthusiasts often face difficulties. Problems lurk everywhere, and those who would like to keep their cool in every situation need to feel at home with broad technical knowledge. But even with the best technical skills, not everyone can have a solution for everything. This is why seasoned sailor Hans M?lbauer offers his many years of experience in this book. M?lbauer discusses improving safety, functionality, and comfort and also offers many practical tips for everyday life on board, including: lights and shade, sails and rigging, anchor and winch, tender and outboard, electronics and computers, safety and seamanship, luxury and comfort, supplies and waste, mooring and casting-off, boarding and going ashore, on-board technology and aids, and skipper and crew. This handbook will add to the enjoyment and pleasure of every boater.
Hans M?lbauer is an experienced long-distance sailor and charter organizer.

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