SeaWise for Sailing Yachts provides step-by-step, concise, reliable plans for emergencies at sea that require fast and effective action. Designed for functionality, it has two sides: an Emergency Action Guide with instructions for specific problems, from fire and floods to man overboard and dangerous weather; and Safety Checklists, used to prepare the vessel and crew for voyages. A tab-based flip book design makes the guide easy to use for fast and effective responses, with 26 multi-tabbed sections covering a wide range of topics and situations. Some sections allow boat owners to customize the information to their craft. The information is based on extensive research and personal experience. This guide, the first of its kind, is printed on waterproof paper, packaged in a plastic case with mounting strips, and ready to be placed in an easily accessible location. It is designed for both professional and recreational vessels; a companion guide is available for motor yachts.
Zvi Richard Dor-Ner has sailed all his life on a variety of crafts and seas. When not sailing, he has been a cameramen, director, and, for 30 years, an executive producer of documentary films for PBS, receiving multiple Emmys and other prestigious awards. Among other series, he produced Columbus and the Age of Discovery and wrote the companion book, which was translated into German and Japanese. During the production, he sailed the replicas of Columbus? fleet in the Mediterranean and in the Atlantic. Zvi is qualified as a Yachtmaster Off-Shore by the Royal Yachting Association in Great Britain and holds a US Coast Guard Master 100 Ton License with Sail Endorsement. Much of this guide was written on his 43-foot ketch S/V Nina. When he isn't sailing, Zvi Frank is a successful high tech and social entrepreneur. He is the executive chairman of Zemingo Mobile Group, a company specializing design, development and marketing for mobile applications. Previously, Frank founded and led a high-tech web conferencing company in the U.S., which was later acquired by AT&T. Frank is also an active film producer and won an Emmy award for co-producing the documentary ?oogle Baby.? He has served as an officer and an F-16 fighter pilot and flight instructor in the Israeli Air Force. He is a qualified skipper and sails extensively with his family on his 54-foot sloop S/Y Genesis, where the remaining parts of this guide were written.

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