Weaving expert Monika Künti presents a variety of techniques that have one thing in common: they are woven with strips, a method that has been developed in our societies all around the world for thousands of years. As the name implies, strip weaving is weaving with natural materials (bark, straw, reeds, and other plants), paper, plastic, giftwrap ribbons, and even vegan leather. Strip weaving is very accessible to weaving beginners; only a few tools and no previous knowledge are required. You’ll learn the fundamentals of weaving and experiment with creating woven baskets, bags, mats, bangles, and more. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can use them to develop your own woven masterpieces. In addition, Künti provides deep insights into the history of strip weaving around the world, and the profound effects it has had on the economy and culture of the societies in which it’s found.

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