Liu Yuan Sheng is a retired magazine editor who began documenting in 2004 the graffiti appearing on the walls of China? capital. After starting a blog showcasing his photos in 2007, he soon became familiar with many of the main players in Beijing? graffiti community, earning the affectionate title ?iu Laoshi (Teacher Liu)? Liu, who has amassed a collection of more than 10,000 images, features in the 2012 documentary?Spray Paint Beijing. He can? speak English. Tom Dartnell began documenting graffiti in his native Brighton, UK in 1988. By the early 1990s, he was fully immersed in the subculture, painting alongside some of the local kings. A journalist by trade, he? had spells overseeing the graffiti section of?Hip-Hop Connection?magazine and as the editor of?Graphotism. He has lived in Asia since 2010 and has worked for publications such as?Shanghai Daily,?Bangkok Post,?and?Time Out Beijing. He can? speak Chinese.

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