With over 3,000 miles of freshwater coastline, Michigan boasts an impressive 129 lighthouses and 450 species of birds?early half the recorded species in the entire United States. The same lights that keep sailors safe have long been natural waystations for our avian friends, weary from long flights, to land for a quick rest and refueling. More than 100 close-up photos invite visitors to find and identify the colorful birds at 20 iconic lighthouses known to be birding hotspots. This handily organized guide also provides location coordinates and a brief history of each beacon, making it a valuable resource for birdwatchers and lighthouse lovers alike.
Kimberly and John live in Brooklyn, Michigan. Lifelong residents of Michigan, they are fascinated by its natural wonders and history. Kimberly is a photographer focusing on the state? flora, fauna, and landscapes. John is an author specializing in Great Lakes maritime history. When they are not at home, you may find them tracking a rare bird or visiting one of Michigan? many lighthouses.

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