Enjoy 11 spooky campfire tales based on legends and true events in and around the Great Lakes region. Filled with creepy and sometimes humorous details, each has historic significance. Shiver as you read about the ghosts in Duluth, Minnesota, haunting the Glensheen Mansion, and the myth of a giant moose terrorizing tourists off the North Shore of Lake Superior. Meet the Melon Head Creatures, living in a dark and forbidden forest off Lake Michigan, the result of a mad scientist's experiments, or a classic Lady in White. Discover the Manitous water gods, Native American spirits living at the bottom of the lake always looking for unsuspecting prey. Find a giant man-eating turtle, storm Hags, and the Red Devil of Detroit. Learn about Niagara Falls' Maid of the Mist, the real legend of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and the Michigan Dogman.
Christopher Larsen (C.S. Larsen) is an award-winning author of young adult novels and short stories, and has previously written several books on the paranormal, including Ghosts of Southeastern Minnesota and Strange Minnesota Monsters. His fascination with monsters and the mysterious things of life have further guided him into writing, Campfire Tales:Great Lakes. Christopher currently lives in Rochester Minnesota with his wife Nancy and two boys Zach and Alex. He can be reached via email at chris@cslarsen.com. Please visit his website www.cslarsen.com for more information.

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