Discover the maritime and human history of Florida? 30 awe-inspiring lighthouses along the East Coast, through the Keys, and up the west coast to the Panhandle. Both modern color and historical black-and-white photographs, as well as postcards and diagrams, illustrate their role in the settlement of not only Florida, but all of America. Florida? shores have been witness to over five centuries of maritime history, including battles in the Revolutionary War, the Seminole Wars, the Civil War, and World War II. Diving into the lives of the keepers of these beacons, the Tuerses describe how the lighthouse keepers navigated not only these political conflicts, but nature? wrath, braving hurricanes and wild storms to keep the lights burning. This meticulously researched book covers the technical?uch as the engineering behind the design of the towers and lenses?s well as the personal, including stories of widowed women balancing raising a family with tending the lighthouse.
Rick and Terri are lovers of the outdoors who have combined their talents of writing and photography to produce this book. Rick, a New Jersey native, is a former coastal engineer. Terri is an accomplished writer and artist. Besides doing freelance photography, Rick loves to travel around the world with Terri photographing landscapes, wildlife, and lighthouses. They are members of the Florida Lighthouse Association and have been to most of the 50 states and national parks in America. When they are not on the road, Rick enjoys gardening and racewalking, while Terri enjoys dog training and pet sitting. Together, they love to spend time with their three children and six grandchildren. They also serve their community and do mission work in Mexico building homes.

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