Join a haunted historian as she scours dark museum dungeons, public libraries, and dusty newspaper archives to bring you 40 new supernatural tales about the Old West from the southern New Mexican Rockies to the Rockies of Southern Canada. Learn about a disembodied spirit who solves an ancient murder mystery and how a phantom of the opera confesses her side of a famous ghost story. Muse about mysterious lights seen floating over the Rockies long before mankind sprouted wings and how early pioneers were abducted by ancient aliens. Take an adventure through a time warp tunnel and a trip on a terror train time machine. Meet an unflappable witness once kidnapped by a mysterious ape-like creature while camping on Bishop Mountain. Relayed in a homespun style, also read tales tailored to tickle your funny bone or pull at your heart strings.
Five-time author Stephanie Waters learned the art of storytelling at the knee of her southern born grandmother. She? a distant relative of celebrated Old Western writer Frank Waters and the notorious "Windy" Jim Cummins, who wrote about his outlaw adventures with the Jesse James Gang. With a long pedigree of yarn-spinners in her shady family tree, Fannie is currently pursuing her doctorates degree in American folklore. She? the owner of Blue Moon Haunted History Tours in Manitou Springs and Colorado Ghost Tours LLC, and she is founder of the annual Spirits of the Rockies Paranormal Convention. Stephanie became a writer after a brush with death. She dusted off her bucket list and took a leap of faith into the literary abyss. Her other books include:?Haunted Manitou Springs, Ghosts of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, Forgotten Tales of Colorado, Colorado Legends and Lore, and?Snow Snakes and the Phantom Fiddler.

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