Charleston is a city whose spirits are tangible. Fires, earthquakes, wars, and piracy have scarred her landscape. Mysterious echoes from her past manifest around every corner. Misty figures disappear, disembodied voices speak, and a creeping uneasiness accosts visitors to the Holy City. In this revised second edition, thirteen updated stories and a new ghostly chapter spring from death to life as you travel along cobblestone streets, through old mansions, and into back alleys with paranormal investigator Denise Roffe, who explores Charleston along with the Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research to interact with its ghostly residents. Examine nail-biting eyewitness accounts of paranormal events that are backed by historical research and more than twenty years of investigative experience as Denise takes you on a journey showcasing a surprising link between past events and current ghostly activity. Also enjoy new day trips around Charleston in Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, Camden, and Kingstree.
Denise Roffe has always had an affinity for all things paranormal, but after having her own supernatural experiences following the death of her mother in 1998, she began to conduct official paranormal investigations. She is a founder of the Southeastern Institute of Paranormal Research and has conducted hundreds of paranormal investigations. Retired from the early childhood education industry, Denise currently works as a substitute teacher. Although she has lived in several areas of the United States, she moved back to the Atlanta area in 1986, where she now resides with her husband, Danny. Denise and Danny have one child, a married daughter.

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