In this second edition of over 230 ghostly photographs from photographer Tim Scullion, view 114 brand-new images and read seven new chapters that bring the hauntings of Williamsburg, Virginia, alive. Continue along Scullion? paranormal odyssey to capture and describe each apparition and the historical and paranormal background of the eighteenth-century houses and buildings afflicted to see what new observations have sprung forth from the world ?ehind the curtain.?Scullion has learned the secret to consistently capturing the city? ghostly apparitions on camera. You will see images that are beautiful, ugly, horrifying, and bizarre, and that defy explanation. Are they ghosts, aliens, angels, or demons? Take a look via digital technology as you peer into a new world of the improbable, the unexplained, the impossible, and the biggest mystery of our existence?ife after death!
As a photographer, Tim Scullion specializes in fine art photography, work that preempted the idea for this book?o do something that has not been done before: a comprehensive photographic study of the paranormal in one specific area?olonial Williamsburg. Scullion has bachelor? and master? degrees in education from the College of William and Mary. He is a published author and photographer who has had worldwide distribution of his work by the University of Virginia in its book?Hard Times Companion, Volume 3, a reference that examines ways for victims of life-changing events to cope with their reality. Among his other works is a novel called?Nick?that removes all of the commercial trappings of Christmas and takes the reader to a place where giving oneself is the real meaning of the holiday. Learn about St. Nicholas?ot the red-suited Santa who gives children toys?ut the spirit of giving. Tim has written and illustrated a children? book called the?Kids Forever Club, with an emphasis on safe and educational activities for parents to participate in with their children. He has also written a successful series of four books on advanced lead guitar, called?Shred Tech, with sales around the world.

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