As a photographer, Tim Scullion specializes in fine art photography, work that preempted the idea for this book?o do something that has not been done before: a comprehensive photographic study of the paranormal in one specific area?olonial Williamsburg. Scullion has bachelor? and master? degrees in education from the College of William and Mary. He is a published author and photographer who has had worldwide distribution of his work by the University of Virginia in its book?Hard Times Companion, Volume 3, a reference that examines ways for victims of life-changing events to cope with their reality. Among his other works is a novel called?Nick?that removes all of the commercial trappings of Christmas and takes the reader to a place where giving oneself is the real meaning of the holiday. Learn about St. Nicholas?ot the red-suited Santa who gives children toys?ut the spirit of giving. Tim has written and illustrated a children? book called the?Kids Forever Club, with an emphasis on safe and educational activities for parents to participate in with their children. He has also written a successful series of four books on advanced lead guitar, called?Shred Tech, with sales around the world.

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