The Bluegrass State of Kentucky has a macabre assortment of hotels and inns, restaurants, parks, roads and highways, cemeteries, and historic locales that are haunted by ghosts that linger and grow. Examine more than 40 locations providing visitor information?ncluding places to go, things to do, and tasty morsels to eat?s you explore the history, legends, and ghosts of haunted Kentucky. Read about Abraham Lincoln, who dreamed of his own assassination, and a well-wishing female specter at Mark? Feed Store. Visit the Shandies Restaurant where chairs move by themselves, or meet the ghost bride of Cumberland Falls, who rises out of the water on nights of the full moon. Be careful at Child? Branch Bridge where an unfriendly ghost causes drivers to crash, and listen to the murderer at Pioneer Cemetery who screeches in pain before his hanging. A detailed listing of locations will start your ghostly journey of Kentucky. Happy haunting!
Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Daniel Meyer divides his time between searching the night for ghosts and gargoyles, and seeking the sunrise on rocky beaches where whales breach in the distance and mermaids call to those who listen. Always attempting to create the perfect novel and the perfect margarita, he writes on topics as diverse as: ghosts, gargoyles, labyrinths, inspirational writing, environmental protection, and more. He has one son, two cats, a partridge in a pear tree . . . and one hell of a sense of humor. He may be reached at?

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