Lancaster County Bucket List is a bible of the region? most iconic destinations, from the classic to the quirky. Going beyond a guidebook, the author offers up more than 100 diverse experiences and describes in short, opinionated essays what makes them worth doing. Here is the inside story on where to get a meal prepared and served by Amish in their home, why men wear white coats and top hats at the Groundhog Day festival, and what to expect at a harness shop. With its essays on the best all-you-can-eat buffets, bicycle racing, and a stylish eatery where Plain people conduct business in their native German dialect, this book engages all the senses. It captures the county? eccentric spirit and turns up activities even locals may have missed.
Born in New York City and raised in the New York area, Yarvin has been a commercial photographer for more than forty years. For the last fifteen years he? been combining photography and writing. Yarvin has contributed to publications such as the?Washington Post,?Mothering,, and?New Jersey Monthly, to name a few. He has authored seven books on subjects ranging from Italian regional cuisine to New Jersey farmers to the history of lamb as a food. After long stints in Queens, New York, and Edison, New Jersey, he now lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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