Summer Paradis is a true New Englander, who now calls Maine home. A school psychologist by day, she keeps busy chasing after her active son by night. She reads everything she can get her hands on, loves to write, take photographs, and the field of paranormal investigation. She co-authored?Gone But Not Forgotten: New England? Ghost Towns, Cemeteries and Memorials?and?New England? Scariest Stories and Urban Legends.?Sandra Vivian Graul is originally from the Philippines and New York and was transplanted to Maine as a military brat. She realized she was a "sensitive" in early childhood and since then has been interested in investigating anything strange, unexplainable, and of otherworldly origin. She enjoys spending time with her young son who is active in sports, volunteering for worthy causes, and working in the education/medical /EMS field for 20+ years.

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