Arkansas is known as "The Natural State" because of lush green forests and waterways teeming with wildlife. But as the sun goes down and the creatures of the night emerge, Arkansas becomes "The Supernatural State." As a result of having deposits of quartz, bauxite, iron ores, and magnetite, a rare form of naturally magnetized iron, Arkansas is a natural paranormal lens focusing on spirit activity. Join investigators in a search for the truth behind Arkansas' most infamous paranormal mysteries. Meet the angry Mena Poltergeist, who runs people out of their homes, and the ghostly Sheriff of Nevada County, who roams the halls of the Old Washington Jail Bed and Breakfast. Learn about the fierce Gowrow Monster of the Ozarks that feeds on livestock and young children and the legendary Fouke Monster, known to attack people without warning. Read accounts of alien abductions, UFOs, and more. Unexplainable mysteries and terrifying hauntings await you in Arkansas. Sweet screams?AuthorName]Alan Lowe[/AuthorName]
As a result of Alan's own experiences with the paranormal, he has devoted himself to the pursuit of ghosts and an understanding of the paranormal. Jason is a writer and paranormal investigator.

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