In the past three or four years, Detroit has become a "spraycation" spot for graffiti artists. Formerly known as the automotive capital of the world, the media now refers to the Motor City as a bankrupt ruin? shadow of its former self. Thanks to the city's street artists, however, Detroit is experiencing an artistic renaissance. The author has recorded the work produced by these graffiti writers and documented the evolution of Detroit street art culture in more than a dozen neighborhoods in and around this resilient Midwest city between 2008 and 2013. This photographic dossier is the first book to exclusively feature graffiti from Detroit, where one in every five structures is vacant, abandoned, or dilapidated. As industry disappears, the number of vacant walls increases, drawing the attention of the most talented graffiti artists and writers on the planet.
Chris Freitag, a lifelong Detroiter, is a graphic designer and semi-retired artist and graffiti writer who lives in Detroit with his wife Nikki and their two sons. Chris now works behind the camera to document the graffiti and street art of Detroit. Graffiti art became a fascination for Chris at the tender age of thirteen.

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