This book. Classy. Wait till you read this book. Other losers try to write books, but not like this one. Really funny stuff. It? a tremendous book based on an old children? book. It uses all the best words. I love books. Great books. I don? like bad books. People tell me I? a great reader of books. The best. But, this book. It? funny, OK? You should read it, believe me. Be smart, buy this book. Make picture books great again. Other picture books are weak. This book is much better than any book for dumb and backward children. This book is fantastic. Amazing. Probably the greatest ever. I don? know. That? what people tell me. You?e going to win so much with this book you may get tired of winning. So much winning. It? going to be a terrific success. Huge. Believe me.
P. Shauers has written and drawn many, many books. Great books. Books you might like. Some of the books were bestsellers. Some got turned into TV shows, as you possibly may have heard. Sometimes he writes, sometimes he draws, both are tremendous. Believe me. Highly respected.

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