Peer behind the curtain and journey into Voodoo? hidden world. A forbidden and often misunderstood subject, Voodoo has never before been photographically depicted in this way. The people and the spirits of Voodoo are creatively conjured in dozens of photos from world-renowned photographer Justice Howard, coupled with the insightful words of Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. Subjects include Papa Legba, gatekeeper of the crossroads, and the revered priestess Marie Laveau. See the realities behind Voodoo dolls and meet graveyard rulers Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte. Voodoo priestess Bloody Mary shares intriguing background information for each of the concepts and explains the meaning of ritual items, from food offerings to libation to the misconceptions of animal sacrifice.
Internationally-renowned photographer Justice Howard has been featured in numerous museum exhibits, thousands of articles, more than sixty art gallery exhibitions, and over 600 magazine covers. Her work graces books and magazines that stretch from French?Vogue?to?Easyriders. Her classic photography, in both nuclear color and black and white, has captured some of entertainment? top icons. Penn & Teller, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Dick Dale, Marilyn Manson, Sonny Barger, Dave Navarro, Adam Rifkin, Mamie Van Doren, Elvira, Slim JimPhantom, Rev Horton Heat, Lou Ferrigno, John Gilmore, and The Blue Man Group are just a handful of the celebrities who have spent time in front of Howard? lens. The upscale Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami showcases her thirty-foot wall murals in sixty-four of its rooms. Her photos have been described as "visions that are visceral and razor sharp, murderously vibrant, supernatural and intense." Voodoo priestess and occult expert Bloody Mary is also a television celebrity who has appeared in over 200 international documentaries. She has been interviewed in thousands of articles, and is an author, medium, ghost hunter, and curator of the New Orleans Haunted Museum and Tour company, as well as owner/operator of the Voodoo pharmacy. She welcomes you to the Museum, a 200-year-old Creole cottage where the spirits of New Orleans are honored, conjured, and connected with. She is the author of?Bloody Mary? Guide to Hauntings, Horrors, and Dancing with the Dead.

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