These podcasts can inspire and inform your ideas and projects. After all, every day is a good day to be creative!

Warm conversations! Chatting with artists, makers and creatives who work with fiber.

The Crafter’s Box is a subscription membership project that delivers curated materials and tools by a featured maker monthly.

Craft Hangout, a project from Love Eliza, LLC, is a destination for craft hustlers and hobbyists to use for support, inspiration, and encouragement. Through our podcast and inclusive community, we provide insight, motivation, and solutions to the top creative obstacles that the crafting society experiences. We exist to help our crafty tribe get better at whatever they’re doing.

Craft Industry Alliance podcast is an interview show for creative entrepreneurs.

The podcast is a hub for all things Etsy, handmade, and arts & crafts-related. The Etsy Conversations Podcast is the home of inspiring interviews with and for veteran and newbie Etsy sellers where you get tips, techniques, and tools to make you a better more successful Etsy seller by learning from other Etsy sellers.

A podcast about scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking, die cutting and papercrafting in general. Listen to interviews with designers and creatives who help empower beautiful, meaningful handmade creation. Get behind the scenes looks at the product creation process and other fun handmade topics!

If you like a little levity with your crafts, you might like this podcast that talks about different crafts in each episode but keeps it lightheared at the same time.

This podcast features content for paper crafters, card makers, stampers and scrapbookers while exploring many aspects of a creative lifestyle.

Cut the Craft is a podcast that brings stories of handcraft and its makers to you. Perhaps you are a craftsperson looking for a fresh perspective, or a newcomer to handmade things; no matter your starting point, your hosts Amy Umbel and Brien Beidler are here to cut the craft.

sharing my favorite products, tips, and techniques for all kinds of crafting. Join me!

A creative lifestyle podcast for those who love to sew, quilt, decorate and make things for the home.

Welcome to the Cosplay Stitch Seam where two crafters explore the vast world of costume creation. Join Pannon and Vermilion Fire as they talk cosplay community, crafting, contests, and more!

Welcome to The Capital of Craft, where we talk with makers and thinkers about what it means to be a maker and how it can change your life. I’m your host, Sarah James from Craft Festival, craft addict, maker, and event producer. Please join me as we delve deep into the stories and lives of makers of all kinds, every Thursday.

Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff are art instructors. If you love the arts, particularly the craft of drawing and painting and image-making and you want to level up your skills or even make a living with your skills, we are here to answer your questions. We’re here to offer you advice, refer you to our resources, share your love of the craft, and maybe inspire you!

A podcast celebrating creative crafts and the stories behind the makers.

WoWPencils is a source of creativity for art novices and experts who are concerned about quality art supplies and materials. The proper art mediums help create masterpieces making each project shine, while high-grade office equipment saves your time and energy. The website is run by a professional designer. It is easy to navigate and features a lot of interesting and helpful reviews about craft equipment and school/office stationery.

Calling all crafters! Altenew’s Craft Your Life podcast dives into the world of crafting to explore inspiration, design, products, tips, techniques, common challenges, and more! Hosted by the popular paper crafting company, Altenew, this podcast will be the perfect thing to listen to while creating your own works of art! Gain insight into what it’s like to be in the crafting industry, and share a few laughs along the way.

A Smaller Life’ is a podcast hosted by a small business owner, that’s me Saskia, who wants to grow by going smaller and who wants to choose better to do better. Join me on my journey where I figure out how I can make my needle craft business based on ethical and conscious choices more relevant in this era and for myself. Made for business owners and crafters alike.

ELISE GETS CRAFTY is a weekly podcast that talks mostly about creative small business here you can find show notes and stream episodes.

Listen to Quynh Nguyen and Jessie Chui of The Paper Florists Collective as they talk to emerging paper flower artists about their craft and their journey.

A crafty (mainly paper crafting) self-care podcast with inspiration and encouragement to brighten your day, a place to learn something new about self-care or creativity from paper crafting to writing come and be YOU!

The Craft Cove with Sleeping Luna Designs is a monthly recap of various crafting projects, education on crafting and its history, interviews with other crafters, and more.

Welcome to Tara Joy Andrews’ podcast Creative Conflab! On this podcast, you will find honest conversations about creativity, art, design, and craft. We’ll talk about what it means to be creative, how to stay motivated and inspired, and ways to continue learning in creative ways. Part solo episodes and part interviews with other amazing creative people we’ll delve into this inspiring world and hopefully motivate you a little along the way. Join us, we’re making things.

The Craft Room Podcast is fully dedicated to crafts of all kinds. Cardmaking, quilting, crochet, stamping, painting, embroidery, there’s so much craft to talk about, so join Dawn Lewis in The Craft Room.

By the sisters & designers behind the A Beautiful Mess blog covers a million creative and crafty topics and is super entertaining.

Material Matters is hosted by Crafts magazine’s former editor Grant Gibson, who moved from print to audio just in time to stack up a healthy back catalogue of interviews with makers to entertain us all in solitude. Big names such as Simone ten Hompel, Eleanor Lakelin, Junko Mori and Edmund de Waal discuss materials and how they work with them.

The 99% Invisible podcast is about the thought that goes into the unnoticed design and architecture that shapes our world. Recent episodes include clever hacks for cyclists, building architecture for your cat and the history of cardboard boxes as playthings.

For Thread Cult, Journalist and sewing blogger Christine Cyr Clisset interviews crafters doing textiles, sewing and fashion – including independent pattern and textile designers to couture experts and curators.

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