This book is the first complete history of the American Air Service's 147th Aero Squadron in World War I and provides, at last, an understanding of the role of this least known unit of the 1st Pursuit Group. This detailed account tells how various individuals responded as volunteers, describes the trials of training in Texas and Canada, explains the often ignored problems of transporting across the Atlantic and English Channel, and then reveals the thrilling, frustrating, and heroic combat actions of the 147th over the Western Front up to the Armistice.
Jack Stokes Ballard, a career United States Air Force officer and former history instructor at the United States Air Force Academy, has written several aviation histories. His PhD in history is from UCLA. Dr. James John Parks, author of "No Greater Love: The Story of Lt. Wilbert W. White" (Over the Front Quarterly), knew a number of World War I aviators and established the Lafayette Foundation Museum and Archive in Denver, Colorado.

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