The 17th Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier Division ??z von Berlichingen?was one of the few SS formations to be employed exclusively on the western front during World War II. From the time of its formation in France in 1943, ??z von Berlichingen?saw bitter and bloody fighting in Normandy, the Seine front, Metz, the Saar, the Palatinate, and later the defense of the west wall until the final battles in Germany. Despite the overwhelming superiority of Allied forces, the units that comprised the division always managed to offer dogged resistance, counterattacking ferociously, and defending every foot of ground with great courage and determination. The units of ??z von Berlichingen?received praise, not only from the German high command, but also earned the respect of its Allied adversaries. In addition, the ??z von Berlichingen?division was never involved in any war crimes, nor in crimes against civilians. Detailed operational history, rare combat images, maps, and personality profiles make this book the definitive history of ??z von Berlichingen.?AuthorName]Massimiliano Afiero[/AuthorName]
Massimiliano Afiero was born in Afragola (Naples Province) in 1964. An information technology teacher and programmer, he has been interested in military history since his youth, specializing in the history of Axis units during the Second World War and particularly in the Waffen-SS. He has published numerous articles in the principal Italian-language history magazines and has contributed to many military history web sites. He is one of the few Italian historical researchers to have personally interviewed many veterans of the Waffen-SS, publishing their previously unpublished stories. He has published numerous books dealing with foreign volunteers in the German armed forces during the Second World War. From November 2004 to December 2008 he was the historical consultant and Technical Director of the magazine Volontari (Marvia Edizioni). Since May 2008 he has been Editor-in-Chief of the bimonthly magazine SGM (Seconda Guerra Mondiale) published by Editoriale Lupo. In January 2009, he began publication of a new magazine, Ritterkreuz, dedicated to the military history of Axis units during the Second World war. Since 2013, he has also managed the publication of the Fronti di Guerra series, also dedicated to the Second World War.

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