Using your creativity and the vibrant medium of alcohol inks, create these 20 beautiful representational paintings. With a broad range of painting subjects including florals, animals, landscapes, and more, they demonstrate a variety of approaches to alcohol ink painting to inspire and ignite creativity. Step-by-step photos make each project a learning opportunity. The projects are arranged to build skills and practice specific basic techniques. For experienced artists and those just beginning to explore art and alcohol inks, these are time-tested methods for working with this mesmerizing and unpredictable medium. Learn ink flow, texturing, lifting, and masking, which are used to control the ink while maintaining exciting vibrancy, fluidity, and spontaneity. Loosen up your painting and discover the joy and passion of alcohol inks!
Karen Walker is an artist and instructor working in the Sandhills area of North Carolina. With a background in art history and painting in oils and pastels, she has discovered the joy and passion of working with alcohol inks. The vibrant color and fluidity of the inks brought spontaneity and excitement to her representational paintings and an enthusiasm she has shared through teaching inks ever since. Information regarding her online classes, artwork and free demonstration videos may be found at

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