Here it is, a book for everyone who loves antique and collectible glass candle holders! Over 600 candle holders, many of which are commonly found in malls, antique stores, and flea markets, are shown in full color. Roaring '20s, Depression Era, and modern collectible candle holders are listed alphabetically--from A & A Imports to Westmoreland--making this book especially easy to use. With up-to-date pricing and extensive color information based on published values and authors' personal experience, this book is a must for beginners and experienced collectors alike.
Sherry A. Riggs and Paula B. Pendergrass are sisters who are both glassware collectors and dealers. Growing up in rural Missouri following WWII, they experienced the transition of the two-room school house to the consolidated school system, of the use of horses and mules to the use of tractors, and of ordinary household objects into treasured antiques.

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