For the first time, this book uncovers the fascinating history and diverse design of decorative ceramic tiles in Britain during the 20th century. Following extensive research and study, author Chris Blanchett, a well-known British tile enthusiast and collector, has compiled the story of the companies and their products, including the major influences that affected design and manufacture during this vibrant period.Together with its companion title, this publication contains nearly 2500 striking color photographs and illustrates the work of over 110 companies, large and small. Among the firms profiled here are Carter & Co., Kenneth Clark Ceramics, Dorincourt, Henry Doulton & Co., Florian Studios, and many more. A third volume in the series covers the numerous craft and studio tile makers that flourished in the 20th century, particularly during the second half.Each book features an entry for each maker, listing all known addresses, a short history of the firm and its products, a gallery of tile images, and a section on identification and dating. A bibliography is included as well as a glossary, comprehensive index, and price guide. This beautiful and informative book is an essential reference for all who are fascinated with the art of tile.
Chris Blanchett has been collecting tiles since 1979 and has one of the largest private collections in the U.K. He is a member of the Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society and an honorary Life Member of the Tile Heritage Foundation. Since 1999, Chris has specialized in collecting and documenting British tiles of the 20th century.

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