Friends forever in work or play, four tiny elemental witches?iona, Gale, Marrie, and Blaze?elp the Earth thrive using their own special powers for nurturing the planet. But when disaster strikes, they must come together to protect the Earth, helping to heal its hurts and to keep it alive. The child in all of us can enjoy this playful way to learn about the elements?arth, air, water, and fire?nd how they help us, for without the elements, we would not exist. For ages 0-6.
T.J. Perkins is a well-respected author of 8 mystery/suspense books and a 5-book fantasy series for young adults. Her short stories for young readers have appeared in the Ohio State 6th Grade Proficiency Test Preparation Book, Kid? Highway Magazine, and Webzine "New Works Review." She? placed five times in the CNW/FFWA chapter book competition. Her short story of light horror for tweens, The Midnight Watch. was published 2007 by Demon Minds Magazine. Eimi Pinero is a published illustrator of fantasy world maps and full-scale cover design. She works as a graphic artist, web page creator, and book cover designer. Born and raised in New York, Eimi earned her BFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now a proud mommy and wife, she enjoys engaging in her burgeoning art community and provides her services to a local non profit organization. Photoshop is her medium of choice, but she loves working with oils, acrylics, and watercolors, too. You can see samples on her website:

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