Those swinging 50s are fondly remembered in this bright and catchy book of everyday fashions for men, women, boys and girls. The day and evening dresses, suits, sports clothing, sweaters, ties, socks, and sleepwear so typical of the 50s are pictured. Over 600 color photographs and sales catalog advertisements bring the clothes right into your living room. The popular Western styles for boys are a particularly strong group here.A glossary defines terms as they were used in the 50s, and the index will help locate your favorite article. The price guide reflects the current market for 50s fashions that are immensely popular today.
Roseann Ettinger, a leading dealer in 20th century vintage clothing and jewelry, lives in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Her other books are Popular Jewelry 1840-1940; Forties and Fifties Popular Jewelry; Handbags; and Compacts and Smoking Accessories.

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