The Grumman A-6 Intruder was the US Navy and Marine Corps?primary carrier-based, all-weather attack aircraft from 1963 to 1997. Famous for its combat missions in Vietnam and the 1991?2 Gulf War?s well as the novel and movie Flight of the Intruder?he A-6 was capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. This book covers the A-6 from concept, design, and construction in the late 1950s, through its fleet service beginning in 1963, up to its retirement and display status in museums around the country. Every A-6 USN and USMC squadron is covered through superb photography, including aircraft markings and unit insignias.?
?David Brown? passion for photography and military aircraft dates to 1960. Since those early days, David has been privileged to have his photography published in every significant aviation periodical in print and online today. Also, his photography has also graced the pages of?Newsweek?and on the box tops of several scale-model kits manufactured and distributed worldwide. David has written numerous aviation-related articles and authored or coauthored five aviation books. He is a graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and in 1975 began his career in law enforcement, where he has held every position from patrolman to police commissioner. After retiring in 2003, he was elected to the Jackson Township Board of Supervisors and was recently reelected to an additional term through 2022. He lives in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Christina. ?

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