For those who love the holiday classic A Christmas Carol, embark on a journey of discovery through this Dickens? inspired 22-card Majors-only Tarot deck. Visit with interesting ghosts of the season?r any time of year?nd connect to the spirit and magic that dwells in all our souls at Christmastime. Look inside these curious and fashionable images to interpret your life path and make the best decisions, receive guidance from Christmas Angels, and determine your past, present, and future through this simple and effective divination tool. Keywords on the cards allow for quick intuitive thinking while viewing situations that reflect daily life. Discover a special channeled Christmas angel message for each card you choose, and learn about Christmas traditions shown on the cards. Whether a beginner or advanced reader, you will be able to navigate the paths of self-discovery through these personal Christmas Tarot interpretations.
DINAH ROSEBERRY has been writing for a living for many years. She is a senior editor for Schiffer Publishing? Paranormal/Mind, Body, Spirit/UFO lines. An author of books and boxed sets for Schiffer, she also finds time to write romantic intrigue, sci fi, fantasy, horror, and even poetry. She is the founder of the UFO Management Group. CHRISTINE ?ESARA?DENNETT early on displayed an unusual ability to perform ?sychic drawings,?discovering she could intuitively see and illustrate unseen or future events. This first occurred as a teenager when she illustrated a portrait of her future husband. In her twenties she met him. At first she thought this was a remarkable coincidence until she later had children and found previous illustrations of them. Throughout her life, she experienced numerous ET, psychic, and ghostly encounters, forever establishing her connection to the paranormal realms.

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