Promises can be hard to keep, but Maggie McConnell is determined to keep the promise she made to her father before he died. She must win a scholarship to a prestigious art program, but her grief gets in the way as she struggles to find her artistic vision. When Maggie purchases an old tweed coat as inspiration, she never guesses this fur-collared coat will forever change the way she views life and her place in it. The coat awakens her muse, but also awakens something else: Maggie believes its previous owner haunts the coat. Dreams and visions give way to clues from the past, and then a Holocaust victim? tattoo appears on her arm. With the help of a steampunk-dressing school outcast named Taj, Maggie must decipher what the ghost wants her to discover, and in the process find herself.
Colleen Rowan Kosinski received her BA from Rutgers University and is an alumna of Moore College of Art. She rediscovered her passion for writing after many years as a freelance fine artist. When she discovered children? book writing, she knew she had found her passion. A seeker of the unknown, Colleen has explored haunted houses, visited mediums, and even spent time with a voodoo priestess in New Orleans. She lives in Cherry Hill, NJ, with her family and pets--and no ghosts, as far as she knows.

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