Richard White's interest in pocketknives emerged as an offshoot to his hobby, carving duck decoys. His accumulation of numerous pocketknives sparked an interest in researching the history of various brands and styles. His extensive collection of pocketknives produced by hundreds of different manufacturers provided the basis for this book on advertising cutlery. Richard has served as an officer in the Rocky Mountain Blade Collectors for well over a decade, serving as co-president, secretary, and editor of the newsletter. As a staff correspondent for Knife World magazine, and as a regular contributor to Blade magazine, Richard has authored and published over twenty-five articles dealing with cutlery and other related antiques. Whether it is an article on the discovery of an old, abandoned cutlery factory, a humorous cutlery adventure, or research into an obscure cutlery name, Richard's greatest strength lies in his ability to produce an insightful, interesting story which unfolds before the reader. In addition to writing, Richard enjoys his full-time occupation as a high school vocational and photography teacher. He uses his knowledge of photography and darkroom techniques to produce sharp, well-composed photographs to illustrate his writing. He can be found early on Saturday mornings scouring the local flea markets in search of cutlery and other antiques. Richard has been married for over twenty years to his wife Linda, a high school English teacher. They have two lovely daughters: Ashley, age 15, and Shelby, age 6. Richard and his wife spend a great deal of time supporting their daughters' love of music and sports, as well as riding bikes and attending church, where Richard sings in the choir.

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