For all who love collecting and displaying salt and pepper shakers, here are hundreds of colorful and charming sets all made in the "good old USA." Featured are more than 750 sets dating from the 1930s to the 1970s, along with background information on the companies and artists that produced them. The makers include Regal China Company, Elbee Art, Sascha Brastoff, Matthew Adams, Catalina, Roselane, Shirley, and others. Also shown are a number of interesting and unique sets designed and crafted by two California pottery artists in the 1940s, Margaret Weese and Billee Vier. The authors provide helpful information on marks, labels, and other means of identification, and the captions include descriptions, heights, and values. A great reference for all shaker lovers and collectors!
A salt and pepper collector since the mid-1970s, Sylvia Tompkins has co-authored seven previous books on shakers. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Irene Thornburg began collecting salt and pepper shakers in 1949 and currently has 17,000 sets housed in their own "shaker barn." The author of two books on salt and pepper shaker series, this is her second venture as co-author. She lives in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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