Enjoy a nostalgic look back at Allentown, Pennsylvania, during its "Golden Age," from the late 1890s through the 1950s. During this period, Allentown's citizens left behind their frugal Pennsylvania German traditions to take on the social and cultural trappings of the twentieth century. Capitalizing on a labor force swelled by an influx of immigrants, local entrepreneurs created many new businesses and factories. As their fortunes and aspirations grew, these men built large mansions, hotels, and public parks. Amusement parks sprang up, theaters were built on Hamilton Street, and Allentown became an All-American city with an upscale future. Over 360 images of vintage postcards and memorabilia bring this exciting time in Allentown's history to life.
Myra Yellin Outwater is a journalist and photographer who has written eight books for Schiffer Publishing with her husband, Eric. Born and raised in Allentown, Robert Bungerz has been collecting Allentown postcards and memorabilia for over thirty years.

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