In over 270 color photographs, this book is a tour through modern aircraft paint schemes and markings, with its shark's teeth, heavy metal magic, and racy ladies. The reader will journey to: a European Tiger Meet where tiger and jungle cat paint schemes are the rule and not the exception - A-10 Thunderbolts and F-4 Phantom IIs - a stroll into Operation Desert Storm, and a first hand look at the Tornados, Victors, and C-130s which were participants - for perhaps the first time, a close-up look into the weapons bays of the now infamous F-117 Stealth fighter and the hidden humor of weapons bay art - a look at the colorful metaphors painted on the weapons to be delivered to Saddam Hussein - rare F-105 Thunderchief bomb bay door art, and the clever names on the intakes and panels of just about any active duty aircraft of the last twenty years. John and Donna Campbell are the authors of Talisman - A Collection of Nose Art, from Schiffer Military/ Aviation History.

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